Important: Rates include Vat 18%. Rates and govemment tax are subject to change without previous notice. All rates are in Euros. Promotions and discounts do not accumulate.
Terms of Payment and Rental Guarantees: Estimated rental costs have to be paid at rental celebration and any adjustments due might be applied at car return. For rental guarentee, one of the credit cards may be used (Visa or MasterCard).
Driver's Age: Minimum 23 years old, with a minimum of one year driving experience.
Fuel: Is not included in the rates. Easy Ride cars are delivered with a full tank and must be refilled at custumer expense with "Super, Unleaded 98 Octane's" grade pertrol or "Diesel" (as applicable) on termination  of rental, if not a refueling service charge of 10.00€ will be applied.
Deliveries and Collections: Free of charges at Easy Ride, if outside there is an additional charge applicable of 20.00€.
Road Service Charges: All rentals are subject to this sucharge, per day 1.25€ until maximum 18.75€/rental.
Child Safety Seat: 5.85€/Day until maximum 58€/rental
Insurance: Rates include legal coverage of Public Liability(6 000 000,00€). The renter is responsible for all damage caused in the car, as well as the days of its immobilization.
CDW- ( Collision Damage Waiver): The client is only responsable for the liability especified on the table below, CDW must be accepted at beguining of rental.
TP( Theft Protection): The client is liable for theft of all or part of Easy Ride car, this liability may be waived upon payment of an additional TP, wich must be accepted at the beginning of the rental .
Super CDW: Customer Non Waivable Excess liability may be further reduced if super CDW is puchased at the beginning of rental with CDW.
WDW ( Windshield damage waiver): This coverage provides reduced charge for minimum liability charge, if purchaged at begininng of the rental with CDW and Super CDW.
CPJ (Tire/Rim Damage Waiver): This coverage provides damage to tires and rims, reducing customer responsability to minimum liability, if purchased at the beginning of the rental together with CDW and SCDW.
P.A.I.(Personal Assistance Coverage): This covers renter and each passenger, disablement or death 5 000,00€ and medical expenses 500,00€.

IMPORTANT: Rates include unlimited coverage of public liability, the rates do not include collision damage waiver. Terms of payment: the estimated cost of the rental is payable at taking delivery of the car. The final is made on completition of rental. To ensure the rental, the cliente should hire VISA or MASTER CARD.
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): The renter is responsible for the obligatory deductible mentioned above in case of accident or damage in the rented vehicle insurance. Must be accepted at the beginning of the rental.
Theft Protection (TP): The responsibility can be reduced if the renter previously contacts (TP) in case of stolen vehicle, just as the vehicle´s accessories (It does not include luggage or any personal or monetary belogings/ values). The renter must follow na obligatory liability as shown below.
Personal accident insurance (PAI): Optional, cost 1.00€ daily per person.
Super CDW:  The obligatory deductible may be reduced by


RATES INCLUED: Helmets, oil, unlimited coverage of public liability, unlimited km´s
RATES DO NOT INCLUED:  traffic fines, fuel and damages occur to the scooter dy dropping or theft.

CDW- the renter is responsible for the obligatory deductible mentioned above in case of accident or damage in the rented scooter insurance. Must be accepted the beginning of the rental.